Rare Bloom Of Corpse Flower To Spread Death Stink Across So. Cal

Students call the flower “Little John,” named after John Lenanton a horticulture processor at Orange Coast College (OCC) in Cost Mesa, California.  The flower's scientific name is the Amorphophallus titanum and it smells like death when it blooms. Scientists say the eleven foot and twenty seven  pound flower at OCC  is ready to bloom this weekend and they are ready for the stink. 

OCC received two Amorphophallus titanum’s in 2006 from the Huntington Botanical Gardens in Los Angeles. They plants were three years old when they arrived, and for the first time this year they sprouted not only leaf shoots but also flowers.

The bloom happens quickly, and students and staff say, it will take place between today and Sunday and will blossoms sometime overnight.  The plant then heats itself up to 100 degrees and the real fun begins as the flower emits a stench so wretched that some can’t bear it.

“It’s gotten a lot of buzz around here,” Horticulture Lab Coordinator Joe Stead said. “We have been waiting for this to happen for a very long time.”

The last bloom in the region was in 2007, and 10,000 people showed up at Fullerton Arboretum to witness the rare event.

The bloom will also be available on web cam at:

Here's one from the Cleveland Zoo in 2010. 

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